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14部韩国三级剪輯讲述的是: In an early scene in “Parasite”, a hit South Korean film, a young woman from a poor family forges a university-enrolment certificate for her brother. He is about to apply for a job tutoring a girl from a rich family and hopes that the false credential will improve his chances. But when he shows up to the interview the girl’s mother barely glances at it, telling him she trusts him because he was recommended by her daughter’s previous tutor. 在一部韩国热门电影“ 寄生虫(Parasite)”的早期情节中,一个来自贫穷家庭的年轻女子为她的弟弟伪造了大学入学证书。因为他将要去申请一份工作,是辅导一个有钱人家的女孩,并他希望假的证书能增加他的机会。但是当他出现在面试中时,女孩的母亲几乎看都没看这份入学证书,因为他是由女儿的前任老师推荐的,所以她完全信任他的辅导。 Even more than in most countries, academic credentials are valuable for getting ahead in South Korea. But the scene captures another truth: that if you know the right people, your exam results don’t matter as much. The two siblings in “Parasite”milk that insight for all it is worth, before things inevitably unravel. The film, which won the top prize at the Cannes film festival this year, also struck a chord with South Koreans: in a country of m, cinemas have sold m tickets for it since it was released at the end of May. 在韩国,学历对于想要更进一步的人非常之宝贵,其他国家都无法与其相比。但是这些情节反映出了一个事实:如果您认识“对”的人,那么您的考试成绩就无关紧要了。 在“寄生虫”中,当所有事情(伪造学历的事实)不可避免地土崩瓦解之前,两姐弟可谓把这这个道理发挥到了极致。这部电影在今年的戛纳电影节上获得了最高奖项,也引起了韩国人的共鸣:自月底发行以来,在这个万人口的国家,电影院已经售出了万张票。 The resonance of a satirical film about inequality is hardly surprising. Moon Jae-in, the president, promised to make South Korea “fairer” when he was elected in , after his predecessor was impeached (and later given a long prison sentence) for using her authority to help a friend’s child get ahead. Yet over the past couple of months a nepotism scandal has engulfed Cho Kuk, Mr Moon’s new justice minister. 就讽刺类电影而言,引起人们对于“不平等”的共鸣不足为奇。在其前任(朴槿惠)因利用自己的权威来帮助朋友的孩子而遭到弹劾(后来被判长期监禁)后,文在寅于年当选韩国时就承诺将使韩国变得“更加公平”。然而在过去的几个月中,任人唯亲的丑闻席卷了文在寅新任的司法部长曹国(Cho Kuk)。在Cho先生被任命之前,他的女儿现年多岁,在她的学习过程中得到了一些不同寻常的好处。除其他事项外,据称她尽管两次在医学院考试不及格而获得了慷慨的奖学金,并且即使她仅在实验室完成了为期两周的实习,但仍在中学期间被列为学术论文的主要作者。进行了相关研究(该研究恰好由她母亲的一个朋友进行)。乔先生因造成“失望”而向年轻人道歉,但表示不会辞职。文先生指控他改革检察官办公室,以确保做到这一点。 Before Mr Cho was appointed, it emerged that his daughter, now in her late s, had received some unusual benefits during her studies. She allegedly received generous scholarships despite twice failing her exams at medical school, and was listed as the primary author of an academic paper while still in secondary school, even though she had only completed a two-week internship at the lab where the research in question was conducted (which happened to be run by a friend of her mother’s). 在曹国被任命之前,他现年多岁的女儿,在她的学习研究过程中得到了一些不同寻常的好处。据称她尽管两次在医学院考试不及格,但还是获得了奖学金,并且即使她仅在实验室完成了为期两周的实习,但仍在中学期间被列为学术论文的主要作者。(该研究恰好由她母亲的一个朋友领导的)。 They have cause to be pessimistic. The social class of children is more closely tied to that of their parents in South Korea than in any other country in the oecd, according to a study published last year. Data from the education ministry show that the percentage of students who receive financial aid at the best universities in Seoul was barely half the national average, suggesting that a large majority of their students are from well-off families. 韩国人们有理由感到悲观。去年发表的一项研究显示,与经合组织的任何其他国家相比,在韩国,儿童的社会阶层与其父母关联得更紧密。教育部的数据显示,在首尔最好的大学中获得经济资助的学生比例仅占全国平均水平的一半,这表明他们的学生中有很大一部分来自富裕家庭。 The problem is not exclusive to South Korea, says Lee Cheol-sung of Sogang University. “Privilege plays an important role in educational attainment everywhere.” The recent revelation that some rich families in America had secured places for their children at prestigious universities through fraud and bribery caused widespread outrage. But such scandals prompt particular anger in South Korea, he argues, because of the country’s rigid labour market, which offers few opportunities for those starting out. “It’s a systemic problem—there are all these old people with high salaries who are impossible to get rid of, so, to keep paying them, firms avoid hiring young people or only give them irregular contracts.” 来自西江大学(Sogang University)的Lee Cheol-sung说,这个问题不仅限于韩国。“在全世界,特权优待对于学术成就来说非常重要。”最近有消息显示,美国的一些富裕家庭通过欺诈和贿赂为他们的孩子找到了名校的名额,这引起了广泛的愤慨。他认为,由于韩国劳动力市场的僵化,这些丑闻引发了韩国人极大的愤怒,因为劳动力市场僵化,刚起步的人们就职的机会更少。“这是一个系统性的问题 - 到处都是些薪水高的年长者,你避都避不开,因此,为了能够有钱支付工资,公司无法雇用年轻人,或只给他们不定期的合同。”
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